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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Chesters in Action

Watch how they make it a game. It seems innocent enough until you think about it; this kid is being conditioned to be a good, docile, little Multi-Use Labor Element that will give his molesters no resistance. Watch it twice and learn what America dying looks like.

And while you're at it, think about this; while the Chesters are exposing your wife's breasts, fondling your child's naked torso, dumping piss on you, and putting their hands in your pants, keep in mind that the reasons given are to keep us safe from terrorists. Of course, there may be a few flaws with that argument.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rise of the Chesters

Way back in my misguided youth, I read 'Hustler' magazine. One of the monthly features was a comic, titled 'Chester the Molester', that chronicled a child-molester's plots to entice a young girl named Dorothy Arlene into his clutches. One unintended consequence of this execrable feature was that inmates in various prisons nicknamed child molesters 'chesters', as in, "Tonight, a couple of the Chesters are getting a beatdown."

I put forth that we, the outraged citizens of this nation, extend that moniker to those that inflict public strip searches upon our children. So I, McWopski, hereby decree that those employed by the Total Sexual Assault organization shall no longer be identified by the noble, and wholly undeserved, title of 'Agent'. They shall now, and until this perfidy against the citizens of the United States of America has forever ceased, be referred to as 'TSA Chesters'.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day: Why we remember

I want to introduce you to someone: a young man full of promise that has huge obstacles to overcome before he can get on with his life. His name is Corporal Todd Nicely, USMC. When you read his story and watch the video, don't dwell on his injuries because he certainly doesn't seem to. Instead, look at the man. He's 26, married, and has his whole life ahead of him. Think about that; he's 26. In terms of the military, that makes him an old man.

The next time you watch a movie involving the military, look carefully at those portraying the soldiers; they tend to be twenty or thirty something with square jaws, chiseled features and straight teeth. They are an illusion. When you watch a movie about the War Between the States, and you see row upon row of pot-bellied, superannuated reenactors advancing across the battlefield, you are being lied to.

The next time you watch a news broadcast about the war in the Middle East, notice how they focus on helicopters, tanks, humvees and long shots of the Soldiers or Marines as they go about their tasks. This is deception. Soldiers faces are displayed only when it serves the purpose of the reporter, and they are carefully vetted to insure that they are photogenic enough for the task.

I say these things because the men and women that get sent to far away places to do things that lesser individuals cannot conceive of, are kids. I do not say that pejoratively for in their achievements and their dedication to this nation, they are far more deserving of the title "American" than those that watch the war on TV. But they are YOUNG.

It has always been this way.

When you read a history book, and you learn of men like Audie Murphy, John Basilone, or Ross McGinnis, keep in mind that these men did what they did in the prime of their life. When you see that old man with the baseball cap embroidered with "USS Saratoga", the middle-aged bald guy with the faded "Airborne" tattoo, the intense, self-assured woman wearing a jacket adorned with the insignias of various Air Force bases, or the muscular young man with the Globe and Anchor t-shirt announcing to the world that he is a Marine, remember that they all have one important thing in common; they sacrificed a large part of their youth, signed on the dotted line, and took upon themselves the responsibility of protecting this country. In some cases, they served only as a deterrent to this nation's enemies, ready to do whatever it took to preserve our liberty.  Some, like John Basilone and Ross McGinnis made the ultimate sacrifice. Most, served, survived, and came home.

Corporal Nicely survived, but he left a good portion of himself on the battlefield. Certainly not the best of him, but definitely enough to remind him every day of the price of liberty. I present him to you, not as some sort of macabre freak show, but as a reminder that above all of the vagaries of political whim, beyond all of the bickering about left and right, and more real than any pseudo-sympathy expressed by some expensively coiffed talking head, are the men and women in uniform that have dedicated themselves to higher ideals than personal gratification, accumulation of wealth, or acquisition of power. Regardless of your opinion about the military, the war in the Middle East, or the current political situation, take a moment to think about them, remember them, and say a quick prayer for them. They are certainly worth at least that.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Voting, angry or otherwise

I won’t waste time trying to convince you to vote one way or another; if you haven’t figured out who you’re voting for by now, throwing out names won’t help you. However, I do have a bit of advice that I think will help. Take a look around and take stock of your circumstances. Are you financially better off than you were when Hope and Change took effect? Are we, as a nation, more secure than we were when W was in office? Are we freer than we were when Obama took office and installed his shiny new administration? Are the troops coming home from the Middle East as promised? If the answer to any or all of these questions is ‘NO’, you have your answer.

Speaking of voting, I have heard many of the talking news heads mewling about how “angry” the voters are and how they are “reacting out of anger.” Ignore them. We’ve been angry since Bush the Elder reneged on his “no new taxes” pledge. We were angry when Billy Jeff sold us to China, turned the White House into a cheap, hourly-rate motel, and used an intern for a humidor. We’ve been angry since Baby Bush exhibited his willingness to respond to foreign aggression and his dedication to preserving our freedom by ignoring the swarms of illegal aliens flooding across our borders while simultaneously saddling us with onerous air travel regulations and the largest expansion of government bureaucracy in this nation’s history. Oh! And lest we forget, out of control spending that required someone of either monumental incompetence or the most sinister of motives to exceed.

This brings us to Obie.

President Obie was bringing Hope and Change to the nation. He was going to undo all of the damage that Baby Bush had caused with his tax cuts and out of control spending. He was going to bring healthcare to the poor, prosperity to the downtrodden, and peace to our nation. What he has accomplished in his short time in office was to ram Obamacare down our throats despite the fact that 72% of the people were against it, flushed trillions of dollars down the toilet by rewarding corporations for failing to adhere to any semblance of common sense while simultaneously dwarfing the amount of Baby Bush’s spending.

Angry? You don’t know the half of it. The politicians of this election cycle should consider themselves lucky that the anger is being expressed by way of the voting booth instead of makeshift gallows around the country.

In closing I have a couple of things to say to those running for office;

Democrats, pay heed to what you are experiencing. The average American is perfectly happy with your lunacy if you leave his/her property, money, and freedom alone. You can get away with such nonsense as the creation of the Welfare State as long as the economy is doing well and the cost of living is relatively low. Once your cockamamie schemes result in Joe Sixpack having to sacrifice his quality of life in order to provide for someone who has neither the intent nor the desire to improve their station in life, Joe gets angry and votes accordingly.

Republicans, if you have a decisive victory on November 2, you need to realize THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! Conservatives fell for it when Newt Gingrich was crowing about the “Contract with America”. We were promised that the new faces in Congress would work for smaller government, lower taxes, and more liberty. What we got was a display of internecine warfare as the Old Guard fell upon the Freshmen and insured that they would not upset the status quo. We saw a new promise when Baby Bush was given a green light by the election of Republican majorities in both houses. His lackluster domestic policies and his obsequious appeasement of the radical left did nothing but reveal the GOP to be a party of eunuchs led by a moron. Fail to revert to your conservative roots this time and you can watch your voter base dissolve as they seek out a party that has the resolve and the desire to stand firm against the creeping tide of collectivism. Meanwhile, you will suffer the cruelest fate any politician can face; you will be irrelevant.