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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas whether you like it or not

You read it right; Merry CHRISTmas, as in "May you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ." Despite the mewling of the Politically Correct crowd, and the protestations of the atheists, the reason for Christmas IS the celebration of Jesus Christ. True, it was decided to celebrate this event as a politically expedient way to co-opt the Pagans, but that does not dilute the importance of the life and death of The King of Kings.

Now I, as a Christian, have faith in the story of The Immaculate Conception and the Divinity of Jesus Christ. The contradictions and paradoxes throughout the Bible require faith in order to reconcile the known with The Word. We KNOW that immaculate conception is not possible. But according to The Bible it happened. Thus, one must have faith.

Still, even if you dismiss the Divinity if Jesus and scoff at the notion of Immaculate Conception, you still have cause to celebrate the life of Jesus. The religion that arose from the worship of this man was the catalyst for the rise and ascendancy of Western Civilization. Before Christianity took hold, the world was a place where the weak, infirm, old, and feeble were simply prey for those whose strength, brains, or position in society made it possible to steal from or kill them for pleasure or profit.

From the Roman Empire to the Asian Dynasties, consideration for one's life depended on political connection, tribal affiliation and strength, and wealth. The death of those of noble blood was considered a tragedy and was mourned. Sacrifices were made, huge temples built, and feasts were held. A commoner who died at the same moment as the nobleman was lucky to even be buried. Often as not, their corpses were devoured by scavengers.

Jesus taught that those less fortunate should be shown mercy, the sick should be cared for, the poor should be lifted up, and the infirm ministered. It was His teaching that gave rise to the notion that those in power had a duty to protect their citizens and allow them to rise above the circumstances in which they were born.

While not a perfect progression, the trials and tribulations involving Christianity and its spread through the world would, and has, filled volumes. The one irrefutable fact is this; Divine or not, Jesus' teachings were instrumental in changing for the better the hearts of men across the globe. That in itself is worthy of celebration.

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  1. Thank you, Ed.
    You said it well.
    I know you will take time to "Celebrate God's Love This Christmas and always."