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Friday, September 7, 2018

Antifa Needs Some More Rights

    An interesting phenomenon has taken place among the Liberal Left; they have begun to embrace freedom of speech, tolerance of others, and peaceful demonstrations. They do so by making sure that anyone who disagrees with them is harassed, ostracized and beaten. They are more than happy to engage in philosophical discussions as long as everyone involved in the conversation agrees with them. They have no problem interacting with others as long as their beliefs are in perfect lock step, and they express their social awareness by bashing people with bike locks, spraying them with bear spray, and ganging up on individuals and stomping them.

    In short, they are bullies.

      And, like all bullies, they are brave in a crowd. Faced with someone who isn't afraid of them, and is comfortable with violence, and the balance shifts. An example:

    Now, to be fair, the gentleman wielding the baton wasn't particularly skilled. He seemed to make the, all too common, mistake of believing that his weapon bestowed upon him competence. As if the baton were a magic talisman that would give him super powers against a determined foe.

    Even worse, the defender that threw the punch seemed to be surprised that his strike was as effective as it was. His form left something to be desired, but the result speaks for itself.

    I'm not sure what the woman on the left was trying to accomplish. Perhaps, upon seeing her champion so easily downed, she was offering to bear the victor's children. More likely, she was begging him to not give her friend the educational beatdown he so richly deserved.

    I suspect that, were the Dollar-Store Ninjas met with this type of response more often, they would quickly learn to mind their manners.

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