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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It's been a while since I've posted. Life has been a bit hectic and frankly, events have been happening too fast to keep up with it all. Reflecting on all of the turmoil around the globe, I've come to a revelation: The problem isn't that we, as a people, don't care enough. It's that we are expected to care about too much. Look at the news; revolt in Libya, demonstrations throughout the Middle East, union unrest in Wisconin with complementary demonstrations around the country, and our ongoing military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Throw a little celebrity scandal in for spice and you see where things get ridiculous. This may be the Information Age but the 'information' is not only overwhelming, it's the wrong information.

So I, in my inimitable style, am going to provide the three or four people that read my blog a guideline entitled "Whether To Care Or Not, And Why". Ready? Let's begin:

Libya: Don't care. Gaddafi is a thug and always has been. He was directly responsible for the downing of  Lockerbie Flight 103 and in a perfect world, he would have eaten an American bullet about 15 minutes after his involvement was discovered. Of course, Reagan's ordering of the bombing of Gaddafi's house was almost as good except that he escaped. So, let them kill each other. If Gaddafi's thugs kill rebel thugs, it's all good. They all hate us and the fewer of them that there are, the better for us.

Demonstrations in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Iran: Care only in as much as they effect our gas prices. If you want to care about something, care about getting the bunny-huggers out of the way so that we can drill our own oil and eliminate these wogs from the equation. We have oil off of our coasts, in The Dakotas, and in Alaska. Why are we being threatened with $4 a gallon gasoline when we have all of this oil? PLUS, we have as much natural gas as Saudi Arabia has oil AND we have the best R&D resources in the world. To be at the mercy of a group of people who see us only as a hated enemy with lots of money is a disgrace. As far as them killing each other? See: Libya.

Wisconsin: Care. Why? Because Scott Walker is laying the groundwork for states to get out from under the crushing bootheel of the unions. If he is successful in reining the unions in, look for other states to do the same. On the other side of the coin, there is no indication that Walker gives a hoot for what other unions in other states thinks about his efforts. That is a good thing. Union thugs have run roughshod over states and corporations for 50 years. They no longer serve the working people and are nothing but a money funnel for the Democrats. Want to see what 50 years of unfettered Democrat and union control can do? Just take a tour of my hometown, Detroit, Michigan and you'll see where it leads. And understand, the scenes of empty buildings and abandoned houses are not just one specific part of Detroit; it's the same all over the city.

Celebrities: Oh puh-leeeze! Some pampered millionaire blows a gasket and we hear about it 24/7 for weeks. We're supposed to care about their children, their career, and ther fate. There are millions of anonymous people in this country with real problems that don't have an entire staff of 'yes men' to help them out. Yet they manage to get through their day, sometimes just barely, and their reward is that they get to do it again tomorrow. So as far as I'm concerned, if trying to figure out which Ferrari you're going to drive to work that day drives you to substance abuse, you deserve everything that happens to you from that point forward. And if you have a real problem like Manic-Depression or Schizophrenia and you don't seek help for it? Same thing.

So there you have it. These are some of the things that I don't think we need to care about. It may seem harsh but it's worth every penny you paid for it. And just to even things out, next time I'll reveal what I DO care about.

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