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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dancing in the blood of the victims

I've been on the road for a couple of days but, when I heard on the radio that some mental defective gunned down a bunch of people that were meeting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, my first reaction was horror. I didn't want it to be true: 6 dead, including a nine year old girl, and 12 wounded including Rep. Giffords. I mean, this isn't some Islamic shithole or some banana republic, this is AMERICA! It is one of the hallmarks iof this nation that political debate is undertaken without violence. Unfortunately, insanity knows no decorum.

The day after the incident, I began to experience a new kind of horror; the kind of horror you experience when you witness someone doing something so despicable that you can't accept that they can possibly have anything in common with you. Not even twenty four hours after the shooting, the liberals immediately began pointing fingers at talk radio and Sarah Palin. Can you believe it? Sarah Palin? Never mind that the left has expressed adulation for every tyrant and nutcase from Adolph Hitler to Hugo Chavez, somehow this heinous act was caused by Palin and Limbaugh.

Worse, some idiot cop began spouting off about "inflammatory rhetoric" and other such nonsense. But even he isn't as contemptible as Rep. Peter King who wants us to think that one more infringement on the rights of the law-abiding will prevent a similar thing from happening again. Unfortunately for the craven Rep. King, the ploy is as transparent as Saran Wrap: it's nothing but a cheap, low class way of trying to gain some political capital from this horrific event. Regardless of the "R" in front of his name, he has revealed himself to be no better than the worst of the political class.

The reality is this: some nutcase blew a gasket, bought a gun, and shot a bunch of people. We don't know yet what his motivation was. We don't know very much about the shooter. We DO know about the victims. We DO know that further tragedy was averted by the quick actions of several people that were standing near the shooter. The only person that is responsible for this horrible event is one Jared Loughner. Since the evidence is pretty solid, I hope they opt for the death penalty. The sooner he faces his Creator, the sooner he'll receive justice.

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