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Friday, August 6, 2010


It's true. After an extended period of unemployment, I've landed a position in retail sales selling shoes. Now, considering that retail sales is Hell, at least the chain I work for is in the part of Hell farthest away from the flames. I sell shoes. I didn't think i would care for it but it's fun and interesting. The pay sucks but, hey, that's retail.

One thing though; what is it about neatly arranged shoe boxes that makes women crazy? I mean, seemingly rational women come into the store, notice the shoe boxes in their neat aisles and rows, and go BERSERK!!! Every box must be opened with the packing paper strewn hither and yon, shoes must be removed from boxes and left on shelves, and boxes must be left on the floor of the aisles. If they went to a friend's house and acted the way they do in our shoe department, there would be SWAT Teams, helicopters and negotiators involved. Some days it looks like a troop of baboons have passed through the department. I swear, if a customer poops in their hand and throws it at me I'm gonna start blasting.

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