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Friday, August 6, 2010

We're being conditioned, cont'd...

Think about the last action movie you saw. No doubt the plot revolved around some cop/soldier/CIA agent/Federal Agent going out and fighting the good fight. At some point, the hero decides that the rules are too cumbersome for him to succeed at whatever he's trying to accomplish, so he ignores them and proceeds to save the damsel in distress/city/world because of it. Now, setting aside the fact that a real cop/soldier/CIA agent/Federal Aent would find himself out of a job and a pension if not in jail as a result of those antics and look at the pattern: it's always a government agent of some type that is the hero. The message is plain: "Only the government can save us from bad things."

Why do you suppose that westerns are so rare? Movies like "Open Range" proved that there is money to be made there, so why no westerns? Because the main character in a Western is a cowboy who decides he's had enough of the corrupt railroad/land baron/sheriff, and he's going to make a stand. Get it? A lone man decides that he's had enough and he's going to make things right or die trying. Moreover, it's usually an ex-soldier who just wants to get on with his life, or a cowpoke that's trying to keep his ranch despite the land baron's manipulation of the system in order to steal what the cowpoke earned (see any modern-day parallels there?), or even a sheriff that sides with the people against said land baron.

Compare and contrast the two messages: one says that only the government can effectively use force to protect the people, the other says that one ordinary individual with a little courage can make a difference. Considering that Hollywood is infested with lefties, it's no wonder that they feed us the drivel that they do. The truly sad thing is that there are hundreds of great stories that could be told just by drawing on the annals of history, and we will never see them because they aren't politically correct. What's to be done? Hell, I don't have any answers, I'm just an observer.

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