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Thursday, August 5, 2010

So Kagan is Confirmed...

Pure political theater. Five Republicans voted for her with the rest choosing to vote against her. Those that voted against her no doubt did so secure in the knowledge that they could do so without effecting the outcome. That means that they could look tough while being able to safely hide behind the fact that their lack of numbers assured her confirmation. If the Republicans had any balls, we would have seen evidence of them when they had a clear-cut majority and Bush was trying to appoint Miguel Estrada and Priscilla Owens to the Supreme Court. Now that they are in the minority, they talk tough, act tough, and try to look tough. But, when it comes time to bust knuckles, they reveal themselves to be the same bunch of pusillanimous lickspittles that infested the GOP during the Bush years.

If, as has been predicted elsewhere, Republicans win a majority of either house in the upcoming mid-term elections, look for them to reveal themselves to be the same bunch of eunuchs that we all know and loathe.

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