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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Remember, it only has to work once...

The utter futility of banning firearms in this (or any other) country is obvious to anyone with common sense. During WWII, Filipino resistance fighters used crude, locally-manufactured, single-shot, shotguns to kill the Japanese. Despite being somewhat ungainly, and an ergonomic nightmare, once the resistance fighter employed it successfully, they became the owner of one of the Emperor's Own Type 38 or Type 99 rifles that were, no doubt, well-maintained and vastly superior to the aforementioned shotgun. Plus, they were able to also secure the remaining ammunition and accessories from the corpse of the Imperial soldier.

Being one of the few countries that have learned from history, the practice of underground gun manufacturing continues to this day.

When the USSR invaded Afghanistan, they encountered Mujahideen armed with Lee-Enfield rifles built in Darra, Pakistan by gunsmiths who were using hand-cranked lathes and hammers to build them. After a few skirmishes, examples of the AK-47 were transported to Pakistan, where even today they are making them in open-air shops.

Banning guns, or even restricting them to the police and military is a laughable measure that simply displays the helplessness of the tyrant for the world to see. Even if they heavily regulate the use of machine tools, there is always paper.

Ridicule it if you want, but a paper gun is still a gun

And it only has to work once...

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