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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Late to the party as usual.

Here it is, my first blog. Since nowadays it seems that everyone with a modem has one, I figured I'd join in the fun and see what happens. I guess on some level, that makes me a writer. To be honest, I always thought people that claimed to be writers, yet had no works published, did so because it was more palatable than saying, "I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree, I'm unemployed and I don't want to work in the fast-food industry."

However, I have to plead guilty to all of the above, except the " published works..." part. I actually have had a couple of magazine articles published, but not recently and not in any mainstream publications, so I just barely snaked across the line on that one.

My views are simple: I want the government and everyone else to leave my money, my stuff, and my family alone. I want to be able to mind my own business without having to ask permission from anyone if it's okay to do so, and I want to be able to speak my mind without having to worry if I'm going to be infested with FLEAS (Federal Law Enforcement Agents). I do not condone the initiation of violence against anyone, including the unborn, I don't care what you ingest, who you sleep with, what you eat, or how you worship as long as you extend the same courtesy to me. I believe that force must be met with immediate force of equal or greater lethality, and that a thug would still be a thug whether he wore colors, a mask, or a badge, and, most importantly, I believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, but that your Salvation is your own business and I won't inflict my testimony on you unless you ask.

 Ultimately, my goal is to speak into the vast, pixellated, universe and hope a few electrons reach someone that finds it interesting.

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